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Beams and Waves is a work based on the architecture of the Tree of Knowledge memorial in Barcaldine, Queensland. The memorial is constructed of 3,449 beams of wood suspended on the inside of a large box surrounding the tree. Waveforms created by the beams being suspended at different lengths show the negative space of where the branches would have stretched out were the tree still alive.

Different perspectives on the architecture offer different visual experiences. From the outside, the beams appear to be phasing in and out of each other. From the inside, the waves and negative space can be viewed in their full glory. Looking down, the view becomes kaleidoscopic; the reflection of the beams can be seen in conjunction with the roots of the tree underneath the patterned glass. Beams and Waves explores these perspectives and renders them as sonic structures, jutting themes and rhythmic grooves. Expressive melodies recall the branches of the tree, stretching out amongst the architecture.

Beams and Waves was commissioned by Camerata - Queensland's Chamber Orchestra for their 2018 regional Queensland tour. Watch a video of their live perfomance of Beams and Waves underneath the Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine: